Classifieds Things to Know

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Classifieds Things to Know

Post by admin » Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:59 am

The classifieds section is freely available for all to use without restriction, but please note the following:

There is a template which automatically populates every new thread - please use this. For the yes/no options, please delete as applicable.

As this is an international forum, if you're willing to do international sales/purchases/trades you may wish to list at least one major currency (such as USD, GBP or Euros - cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin could also be used if agreed upon by both parties) other than your local currency. As the exchange rate varies constantly, please notify the other party will need to be made aware of the price in their native currency at the time of the deal.

Threads may be bumped once every every days for regular members and daily for contributors.

Items being sold here must be related to the genre of the forum - for example, an old graphics card or game on tape is allowed, while a kettle or fish tank is not.

There is no restriction on the quantity of items that can be sold - it is preferable to have one thread for each item, but if you'd like to clump them all into one thread you're welcome to.

Accurate thread titles work to your favour. If you're selling a ZX Spectrum and you title your thread Must see bargain! it's possible that someone looking for a ZX Spectrum won't give your thread a second though.

Pictures of your item (taken by you, not from the internet) are advantageous as they can confirm the item as well as the condition.

Classic Gamer provides the platform to trade and is in no way involved with or responsible for the outcome of any deals. Bad deals may be reported to a member of staff and may result in temporary or permanently revoked forum access for the offending member.


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