Zippy Zip Drives !

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Zippy Zip Drives !

Post by RetroNinja » Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:07 pm

After doing a check on what retro hardware I had lying about but was not using I came across an old internal Iomega ZIP Drive. For those who don't remember (or have never seen) a Zip drive they were basically a type of Super Floppy. The earlier ones ran off a parallel printer and were external drives and they were really quite horrible to use. They were extremely slow and quite unreliable, often getting themselves into a broken state called the Click of Death.

The drive I have however is a much later model internal IDE drive, that supports the 750MB capacity. These came out around the time that the format was already dying, but as a result of all the issues the later drives were known to be a bit more reliable. So I i connected mine up to a free IDE port in Retro System 2 and it fired up into life ! Its just great sometimes to have a old part just start and run after basically many years of neglect. Its almost as if it coughs out some dust balls ands says "I'm not dead yet kiddo!".

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