Book Review: Console Wars

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Book Review: Console Wars

Post by RetroNinja » Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:43 pm

I’ve been meaning to read Console Wars by Blake J. Harris ever since it was announced two years ago. A book set during the 16-bit golden era that discusses the titanic battle between Nintendo and Sega ? Count me in!

I had it on my wish list on Amazon for ages but when it finally came out the user reviews were very negative. Readers said that it overly glorified Sega of America and belittled the efforts of Japan, and that it showcased Tom Kalinske (Sega of America CEO) and his team as faultless heroes.

After going through many more reviews I realised that maybe it was not for me. However a while later I found myself preparing to go on holiday so I was looking for some reading material for my plane/airport wait. It was still on my list and the price was around R130 at the time for a digital copy (9USD), so I decided to give it a chance...

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