Book Review: A Brief History of Video Games

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Book Review: A Brief History of Video Games

Post by RetroNinja » Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:04 pm

I’ve really been wanting to do a review on Richard Stanton’s A Brief History of Video Games, and thanks to Classic Gamer I finally have a place to talk about it.

In my last post I reviewed Blake Harris’s Console Wars, and while that book was heavily hyped many felt it didn’t really deliver what they craved, some gamers wanted a more historic or documentary style approach. Blake Harris’s book is entertaining but it is lacking when it comes to making the consoles the stars of the show.

Richard Stanton takes the documentary style approach with his book and boy is it an interesting read that happens to be presented in a slick layout. It’s one of those books thats absolutely worth owning the hardcover version of....

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